Effective social media management.

Hello everyone! How are you all today? It’s Marketing and 3 Quick Tips Monday. This post is about ways to help manage your social media. Here are 3 great tools to help you improve work flow and stay on top of time management.

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ManageFlitter: ManageFlitter link, click here.

ManageFlitter is very easy to use. The free option works well, but it depends on your requirements. This platform helps you to work faster and has lots of great features.

You can sort your followers/following lists by criteria.

Find new people to follow.

Find out when your followers are online and schedule tweets appropriately.

Unfollow people. Some people follow Twitter accounts to grow their numbers, then unfollow as soon as they get a follow back. ManageFlitter helps you unfollow them too.

You can manage multiple accounts easily here.

Track keywords.

SocialOomph: SocialOOmph link, click here.

SocialOomph is a great way to boost your productivity on social media as you can schedule posts, add photos, and access multiple accounts across Twitter, Facebook, blogs LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds and more for a basic fee. The free option is good, but the cheapest paid option works for me.

Updates are easy to schedule and it has features to save posts for use later, copy old posts, make posts run on a recurring timeline and more.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite link, click here.

About Hootsuite: This is a great platform for managing multiple accounts from a single dashboard. You can schedule your own posts to go out at certain times of the day or you can RT or auto schedule from your own social media streams or lists. The downside is that it can be a bit sluggish and I tend to use it as a back up. It’s easy to use, but I wish it worked faster. It has to update information regularly, so this slows it down. It can be very useful and has a free option, which is suitable for most small businesses and creatives.

You can use Hootsuite for real time analytics and it has a trend spotting feature, which can be helpful if you want to see what’s popular on Social media and follow trends.

What time saving platforms for social media do you use? 


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  1. A big thank you, Lizzie. I’ve heard of but never tried these platforms, and I do need something to assist with the many things I’m currently working on. I think I’ll pop over to Manage Flitter and check it out. I appreciate the information. Great post!

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