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Happy new week everyone. Today’s Monday marketing and 3 Quick Tips is about sprinkling kindness around like confetti. I recently read a magazine article where it said that having a positive mental attitude, treating others fairly and reaching out to assist people, also helps to boost your  mood, triggers good endorphins and raises productivity during your own day. It’s not hard to share a social media post for someone else, add their product links to your emails, or to use word of mouth to recommend someone else’s products or services. It could take you a moment, but have positive effects on someone else’s day or business for days or weeks to come.

  1. Take a moment to share a post on social media that you think will help someone else’s products or business.
  2. When you are talking to friends, recommend someone. Word of mouth is a very powerful form of advertising that can be overlooked when everyone is so busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to catch up with friends or colleagues. Share a business card from someone you know, or spread the word about their websites or blogs.
  3. If you meet someone who might help a friend or colleague’s business, take a business card or jot down the details and then introduce them via social media or in person. Email them the details and spread the word about both businesses. They in turn will remember you for being kind and connecting them.
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9 thoughts on “Happy Marketing.

  1. What a great post, Lizzie. I’m still laughing at the meme. I’ve long held the belief that every smile that you gift to others comes back tenfold. Thanks for your insights.😀

    • I’m glad it made you smile Soooz. It makes me laugh every time I see the meme too! I agree about mutual support. I love to help others, but the support they give me is what keeps me writing every day. I can’t thank you all enough. I was thinking of you all when I wrote this post.

  2. These are great tips and only take moments to do yet can have a lasting impact with the opportunities they present. Well done (and the cartoon made me giggle!)

  3. I love this: Quick Tips is about sprinkling kindness around like confetti. It is easy and can give someone the boast they may really need. Great post Lizzie and I loved the cartoon:)

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